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The city of Phnom Penh tends to be the starting point for a lot of Cambodia’s visitors. With an airport located in the metropolis and many a sight to see, it’s not surprising that the hectic urban landscape lures in millions of annual visitors. On first glances, you will be greeted by tuk-tuk drivers offering… Read More »

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The reasons why people choose to explore Cambodia’s islands are widespread, from the wildlife viewing opportunities to the adrenaline-pumping water sports activities that can be enjoyed on each island. If you fancy getting away from the crowds and soaking up the sunshine on quieter stretches of beaches, why not buy a ticket for the Cambodia… Read More »

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KohRong – it is the second biggest island in Cambodia and is perhaps the most popular. Located off the coast of Sihanoukville, the island is enclosed by the Gulf of Thailand’s waters. With an estimated population of just 1,100, the paradise spot is far from crowded, but there are plenty of locals and travellers to… Read More »

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A scenic trip to the islands is just a short boat trip away when you visit the Kingdom of Cambodia, with the Cambodia Fast Ferry departing from Sihanoukville five times per day, seven days a week. Many visitors choose this form of transport not just for the fact that there are various time slots to… Read More »

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Southeast Asia is one of the best vacation choices for island lovers, because the landscape is full of habited and uninhabited islands and islets. Cambodia is no exception for natural beauty, with the South coast of the country being the perfect paradise hot spot. Here, tourists can uncover Mother Nature on 61 islands, all of… Read More »

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For many years, the island of KohRong was undeveloped and uninhabited. Now, the beachfront is lined with guesthouses, bungalows, backpacker spots, restaurants and bars. Although a lot of development has taken place over the years, thus resulting in a spike in the number of annual visitors, this Cambodian island retains its charm and culture. When… Read More »

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If you are keen to venture outside of Sihanoukville during your stay in Cambodia, make sure you fit a trip from KohRong to KohRongSamloem into your itinerary. The island of KohRongSamloem measures just one kilometer in width at its narrowest section, making it seem like an islet, rather than an island. Despite the fact it… Read More »

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KohRong – no trip to Cambodia would be complete without visiting this serene island. Although it sits just 45 minutes from Sihanoukville (should you choose to travel by Speed Ferry), there is a stark contrast between the two places. With a more tropical vibe and a much cleaner landscape, the second largest island in Cambodia… Read More »

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