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What Are the Best Cambodia Backpacker Deals Online?

Being a backpacker is an experience that everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. From the freedom it provides to the way in which it can help an individual to grow as a person and meet like minded people in the process, travelling on a budget around a country that is completely different to home can be considered somewhat a rite of passage. Out of all of the countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia sticks out as a must-visit Kingdom. A place that oozes charm and historical wonder, its natural beauty is hard to ignore, as is the rich Buddhist religion that most of the friendly Khmer people follow. Although it might be a third-world country, tourism is on its way to exceed 5 million this year and with this growth comes many Cambodia backpacker deals.

While some travellers might not be on a budget, a large portion of them will be. Whether the reason for the voyage is to take a break from school or to figure out what you really want to do with your life, spending less money means that you can travel more, proving why Cambodia backpacker deals are so appealing for wayfarers of all ages. With the typical daily cost of living being approximately 37.7% lower than it is in the United States according to Wikipedia, there is no wonder why the country is so full of backpackers and expats. To really get the most out of your stay, know how to use the World Wide Web to your advantage for tracking down discounts.

  • Read Blogs

One of the easiest ways to get ready for the trip that awaits you is to find out what other backpackers have had to say about their experience. You will be surprised at how many of them want to share their wisdom and provide fellow travellers with advice about Cambodia backpacker deals, safety tips, secret spots and much more! There are heaps of blogs out there – some written by male travellers and some written by female travellers. You may find blogs focused solely on solo ventures, whereas others may be compiled by groups of explorers. Whichever blog you decide to read after performing a search on Google, take advantage of this honest information and you could end up saving money by gaining insider tips or information from people who visited Cambodia before.

  • Post on Forums about Cambodia Backpacker Deals

Another way in which you can make sure you are aware of the best Cambodia backpacker deals before you actually check in at the airport and depart to the Kingdom is to communicate with other travellers on the Internet. There are many ways to do this, but perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to discuss topics that relate to you is to comment on blogs or post on forums. What’s so handy about using forums to your advantage is that you can speak with people from around the world. Even if they aren’t online at the same time as you, your forum thread/comment will remain until they come online. Furthermore, it’s highly likely that another forum user will respond to your question if nobody else is logged online to do so. Consider forums, such as the Lonely Planet‘Thorn Tree travel forum’, a special place for backpackers to connect and exchange information.

  • Use Social Media Websites for Cambodia Backpacker Deals

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are being used multiple times per day by people who use Internet-enabled devices, which is most. In fact, billions of people worldwide are now Internet users and for the adventurous individuals out there, social media can really come in handy for finding Cambodia backpacker deals. The power of these platforms is being leveraged by companies who organize tours and excursions around the country, so whether it’s promoted with an image, a hash tag or a sponsored post on Facebook, you’re guaranteed to be presented with bargain buys on trips, such as temple tours around Siem Reap, island hopping experiences from KohRong to KohRongSamloem and river cruises along the Mekong. Whatever you are after, you can rely on technology these days to take your past searches into account and provide suggestions for your trip. If you’re lucky, you might even win a contest on social media and win a backpacker experience for free!

  • What Currency is used in Cambodia?

If there is one thing you will notice when backpacking through Southeast Asia, apart from the fascinating culture, it is that pretty much every country uses a different currency. For example, in Thailand it is the Thai Baht, in Vietnam it is the Vietnamese Dong and in Laos it is the Kip. When it comes to paying for Cambodia backpacker deals online, you should be able to pay in your currency. However, Cambodian riel is the official currency, with the dollar being widely accepted.

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