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The Best Koh Rong Accommodation

KohRong – no trip to Cambodia would be complete without visiting this serene island. Although it sits just 45 minutes from Sihanoukville (should you choose to travel by Speed Ferry), there is a stark contrast between the two places. With a more tropical vibe and a much cleaner landscape, the second largest island in Cambodia is perfect for the independent traveller, the business traveller, backpackers and families who are seeking an escape from the urban side of Cambodia. This popular snorkelling, sunbathing and kayaking spot is home to a handful of KohRong accommodation, many of which are perched along the coastline. Knowing which place to choose requires a little bit of knowledge and research, so read on to make an informed booking decision.

  • Types of KohRongAccommodation

You will be presented with an affluence of choice when you head to the island, where Mother Nature has left her mark on every inch of the paradisical landscape. From the white sand beach to the jungle that encircles the island itself, you are guaranteed to have an awe-inspiring view no matter what kind of KohRongaccommodation you select. Existing on the island are four village communities, so even if you stay in a western-style establishment, culture can still be absorbed at every twist and turn. Before you get out that credit card and make a reservation either over the phone or on the Internet, it would be in your best interests to start searching for a place to stay that fits your requirements.

A few different types of KohRong accommodation can be found on the island, such as hostels and dorm rooms, guesthouses and bungalows. It is highly likely that you will be handed the key to a room that overlooks the ocean at spots like Monkey Island, Sok San Beach Bungalows and Tree House Guesthousebut if not don’t worry, because the forested island also offers sweeping views of greenery and scenic panorama, which you can get a taste of at Nam Nam Guesthouse. Specialty hotel Reef on the Beach would appeal to those who fancy a dose of luxury during their stay and for those who are on a budget, places like fun-filled Island Boys Guesthouse and KohRong Backpackers would be a suitable choice. Fancy something different? Let your jaw drop as you look out from a height at the crescent-shaped shoreline from High Land Beach Bungalow.

  • Booking in Advance

It goes without saying that you should be making an effort to book accommodation in advance if you want to get a good deal on KohRong accommodation, particularly during high season. Cambodia’s high season tends to fall between the months of October through April, because this is when the weather is at its best and typically, it is when holidaymakers get time out of the workplace or classroom! Booking in advance will not only eliminate the risk of disappointment but also, it could mean that you are entitled to discounts on the cost of staying at a guesthouse or backpacker resort on the island.

Another reason why you should be thinking about booking your stay in advance is because there is a much better chance your requests will be taken into account when you get in touch withKohRong accommodation owners early. As one of the first people to enquire about renting a bungalow or reserving a bed in a hostel, you will have first pick on whether you get a top or bottom bunk, ocean or forest view, free WiFi, deals on excursions, etc. Early bookings also provide the owners of accommodation with peace of mind, so everybody wins.

  • Facilities at KohRong

The facilities you are indulged with will depend entirely on which KohRong accommodation you put a deposit down for. However, you can get an idea of what to expect based on the type of accommodation you are seeking out. Let’s take backpacker hostels and dorm rooms for example – there will most likely be a bar integrated into the design of the establishment, as well as a food menu for the hungry backpackers. Prepare for drinking games and days out, as well as WiFi that multiple people tap into at one time, fan heating control, shared bathrooms and lockers for storing your valuables.

Should you fancy a bit of privacy, a private bungalow or room inside a guesthouse might be the better alternative. For just a couple of extra dollars, breakfast will probably be included and you can cool down with air conditioning or a fan – the choice is yours! In addition to these common KohRong accommodation facilities, guesthouses, resorts, hotels and bungalow owners will also provide towels on most occasions, as well as dedicated WiFi, a full-service bar and television inside the room. Staff should also be able to assist with organisingdays out to neighbouring island, KohRongSamloem.

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