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What is the Best Way to Book Your Taxi from the Airport in Phnom Penh?

Shiny pagodas, the famous Royal Palace, the picturesque Mekong and Tonlé Sap Rivers – there are so many reasons to visit the capital city of Cambodia when you spend time in this country. While it may be a third world country, it has a whole lot to offer in terms of diversity for every traveller, from the thrill-seeking adventurers to the lovers of everything culture-focused. Whatever your interests might be, they are guaranteed to be satisfied when you step foot on the soil of the ‘Pearl of Asia’, which was the city’s nickname in the 1920s. If you want to make sure that you get to your guesthouse, hostel or hotel swiftly following your flight, a taxi from the airport in Phnom Penh will be necessary.

  • What to Expect When Arriving

Upon arriving in the city you may initially feel overwhelmed, because it is the most populous city in the country. Not only this, but the local people are thoroughly enjoying the spike in tourism, with the number of visitors exceeding five million in the year 2015. Although this is a staggering increase on previous years, Cambodia is still getting used to welcoming people from different countries and cultures. After all, the country is one of the poorest in the world and so don’t be surprised if the Khmer people try to pocket an extra dollar or two when offering you a taxi from the airport in Phnom Penh! Being swarmed by tuk-tuk drivers is fairly normal when arriving too but fear not – they are usually very friendly.

  • Places of Interest to Include in the Travel Itinerary

You won’t have a moment of dullness when staying in the capital, because the fascinating destination isn’t referred to as the ‘Paris of the East’ for no reason. Home to lots of Parisian-style architecture, there is still plenty of French influences to feast your eyes on when you visit, not just in this city but also, in other parts of Cambodia. If you want to make sure you see as much as possible once you hop in a taxi from the airport in Phnom Penh to wherever you have reserved a bed for the night, check out these popular tourist destinations:

  • Pchum Ben Pagoda
  • The Royal Palace
  • The Killing Fields
  • Wat Phnom Temple

How to Get a Taxi from the Airport in Phnom Penh

When it comes to being a tourist in Cambodia, preparedness will increase your chances of having the best time – not that you won’t have a fantastic time exploring this awe-inspiring place on the map anyway. A preferred and recommended way to get a taxi from the airport in Phnom Penh the hassle-free way is via Cambodia’s Finest Taxi Service. More can be learned about this service on the VongVeng website, which you can access with an Internet connection and check availability for taxis. You can expect to arrive at your destination much quicker with Cambodia’s Finest Taxi Service than you would with any other transportation option, because the drivers of these luxury automobiles know which routes are less congested. What’s more, they won’t rip you off and if you decide to share a cab with friends or some people you met on the plane, you can split the cost.

  • How Not to Get a Taxi from the Airport in Phnom Penh

Sure, you should know how to do things the right way when you travel in Cambodia, but you should also know how not to do certain things, including getting a taxi from the airport in Phnom Penh. Don’t hop in the first taxi you see, especially without first checking if the driver is a licensed and insured taxi driver. With so much traffic passing through the city at all hours of the day, staying safe on the roads is important. Refrain from accepting the first offer that a taxi driver presents you with and don’t be afraid to haggle. With the capital usually being the starting point for travellers, taxi drivers may take advantage of the fact that you have arrived fresh from wherever you caught your flight. Exuding confidence and a stern attitude will reduce the chances of a driver attempting to ‘take you for a ride’.

  • Destinations to Visit after the Capital

When you have safely taken your taxi from the airport in Phnom Penh (hopefully via Cambodia’s Finest Taxi Service) you can start to plan the big adventure that lies ahead. The places you choose to visit after the capital will depend on how much time you have to travel. However, there are a few must-visit spots that every traveller ought to see in person, including the ruins of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, the Elephant Mountains in the Kampot Province, Otres and Serendipity Beach in Sihanoukville and two of Cambodia’s most well-known island hideouts, KohRong and KohRongSamloem. Transportation to these places can also be arranged through VongVeng.

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