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Why So Many People Choose the One Resort for KohRongSamloem Accommodation

If you were to ask around about the top picks for Samloem accommodation, the One Resort would be a name you’d hear a lot. Located on the idyllic island of KohRongSamloem, this luxury resort is a preferred option among couples, newlyweds, families, business professionals and generally anyone who wants to unwind in paradise surroundings. With… Read More »

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Why Otres Beach Sihanoukville is the Most Relaxing Place on the Cambodian Mainland

For many first-time visitors to Cambodia, Otres Beach Sihanoukville goes undiscovered, but it really shouldn’t. This special stretch of beach lends its beauty only to those who venture outside of the hustle and bustle. A 20-minute drive is all it takes to arrive at this relaxing area from KrongPreah Sihanouk and if you were to… Read More »

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What Makes Kampot Nightlife So Popular with Cambodia Tourists?

Some of Cambodia’s visitors stumble across Kampot by chance, whereas others will hear about the charm of this place and purposefully book a trip when making their way around the country. A province located in Southwest Cambodia, Kampot quietly creeps up onto the Gulf of Thailand’s edge. Peaceful and laid-back, Kampot Province sits on the… Read More »

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