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How to book a taxi in Cambodia from Phnom Penh airport

Arriving in a foreign land can be a somewhat daunting experience. You’ve flown perhaps halfway across the globe to finally set foot in what will surely be a wonderful holiday; jet lagged, woozy from the complementary in-flight drinks and trying desperately to remember where you packed your sunglasses, you emerge from the arrival gate into the tropical sun. Dazed and confused. You need a ride. You need transportation to your destination. You need a reliable vehicle with no hassle, fixed price and a driver who knows his way around. You need to know how to book a taxi in Cambodia.

  • Phnom Penh’s different lanes – how to book a taxi in Cambodia?

This is a question asked again and again within the tourist circle and with good reason, too. How to book a taxi in Cambodia – especially a transfer from Phnom Penh airport is a vital question one must ask themselves before they disembark the aeroplane, let alone exit those sliding doors of the arrival lounge. So take a moment to familiarise yourself with this information, let it be your guide, and may your travels from Phnom Penh airport be as smooth as the rest of your trip. Get ready to know how to book a taxi in Cambodia.

  • How to book a taxi in Cambodia in a sea of faces?

Imagine yourself in the beautiful chaos of another Asian city, at an airport – at Cambodia’s international landing pad – everyone is looking to leave and make it safely to their hotel and there are plenty of drivers hoping that you’ll choose them for the ride. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but persevere and don’t panic, there is a method and it’s easy if you know how. Don’t be pushed into any deal or ‘special price’ options that are offered by the various men shouting as you arrive, there’s no need to be rude of course, but a simple “no thank you” will suffice. Use the correct procedures and have some idea of what transportation you will require. You have three different options:

  • How to book a taxi in Cambodia with a Moto…

Motos are essentially a motorbike taxi and are the cheapest, and possibly the most adventurous way to travel to your destination. You will be able to find the drivers and their bikes just outside the gates of the airport. A cruise into town will set you back just a mere $2, but be cautious, bag snatchers are known to operate and victims tend to be the fresh faced new arrivals. To ensure your bag is safe insist that the driver carry the bag at the front of the bike. This is standard practise here in Cambodia and any driver worth his salt will have no issue with this request. If that however doesn’t put you at ease you can always carry the bag in front of you, in between your body and the driver’s, then relax and watch the world speed by.

  • How to book a taxi in Cambodia with a Tuk-Tuk…

After all these years of service the distinctive tuk-tuk has still not lost its charm and nor should it with set prices of $7 from within the airport grounds. You’ll find there’s plenty of room to squeeze you, your loved ones and all of your belongings into those iconic vehicles. It’s a true Cambodian experience to discover the sights, smells and sounds of the country as you are transported from arrivals to your hotel. It may be a slightly longer and, in some cases, slightly more intense ride than a taxi, but rest assured, you’ll look forward to the next. For veteran bargainers you can even try your luck at finding a cheaper rate by stepping outside of the airport grounds and hailing one from the street. With a little negotiation and a winning smile you should find a ride for as little as $5 to $6 straight to your guest house. Either way, your Cambodian adventure will have certainly began the moment the engine starts.

  • How to book a taxi in Cambodia by car…

Smooth, speedy and safe. If you want to leave Phnom Penh’s airport in absolute comfort then a car taxi is your best friend. This is how to book a taxi in Cambodia! Drivers are fairly fluent in English so you won’t have any problem with explaining where you’d like to go to, and, as you will see, there are countless cars ready in the official taxi waiting line. The standard charge for a taxi directly to Phnom Penh is around $12 and is based on which part of town you are trying to reach. It should be noted that there is in fact no extra charges for travelling during the night, nor is there for travelling within the rush hour period. The duration to your destination can take anything from up to 25 to 50 minutes depending on the current traffic and road conditions. Tips are, as always, appreciated but certainly not mandatory.

  • Angkor Taxi Services will teach you everything you need to know about how to book a taxi in Cambodia!

The friendly folks at this well established taxi firm have, and will always be, a great source of quality drivers who can get you from A to B. Just pre-book your vehicle from the airport and you can be sure that you’ll be greeted with a warm smile and a decent price. They offer a range of transportations too! From a Tuk-Tuk which can seat up to three people for $10; a car for $15 or your very own spacious van which seats up to ten at $30; you’ll be whisked off to your hotel directly from the airport. By choosing a company such as Angkor Taxi Services you can ensure that your baggage will be handled with care and that there are no hidden costs or commission charges. When you do decide to book, just remember to have all the correct information, that way you can ensure your transfer will be trouble free. The details you will need are your flight number, arrival time, the hotel name and its address. How to book a taxi in Cambodia is as simple as that!

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