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So You Bought Your Cambodia Island Ferry Tickets…What Comes Next?

Once you have purchased your Cambodia island ferry tickets you will soon be on your way to a holiday of a lifetime. The islands off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia really do make the perfect holiday destination for all types of travelers. All ferries depart from the Serendipity Pier in Sihanoukville and will take around 45 minutes to one hour to arrive at the islands where you will find charming bungalows, beautiful waterfalls, peaceful bays, white sandy beaches, lush green jungles, and crystal clear deep waters. So what happens when you step off the ferry? Depending on what island you chose to visit when booking your Cambodia island ferry tickets here is an idea of what lies ahead on the different islands awaiting you…

  • Koh Rong:

If your island of choice was Koh Rong when you booked your Cambodia island ferry tickets you will not be disappointed. Koh Rong is the second largest island of Cambodia. The word Rong might refer to an old term for cave or tunnel, although some islanders say Rong refers to a historical person’s name. The island is developing rapidly and becoming a very popular tourist destination with activities to suit all your needs and plenty of guesthouses and bungalows to suit all budgets. Whether you just want to laze in a hammock and enjoy a relaxing beach holiday or fancy something a little more adventurous like deep sea diving or jungle trekking then there are plenty of options to choose from. Although Koh Rong remains rather undeveloped the business owners here are very party friendly and are happy to have visitors enjoying happy hours and live music into the early hours so if you want to enjoy some beers at sunset and party into the night you can on Koh Rong.

  • Koh Rong Sanloem:

Koh Rong Sanloem is attracting more and more visitors partly due to the competitively priced Cambodia island ferry tickets now on offer from the many of the tour operators around the Serendipity pier in Sihanoukville. Your days here can be spent paddle-boarding, snorkeling or relaxing under a palm tree with a good book.Koh Rong Samloem is also known for its diving and snorkeling. Eco Sea, The Dive Shop and Coral Gardens Dive Centre all have bases here and many of the places to stay on the island rent out snorkeling gear as well.Koh Rong Sanloem is the perfect beach location too with many small-scale bungalow resorts along the shoreline to choose from. The beach scene on Roh Rong Sanloem is a little pricier than the other islands but if you feel like a true beach break then this is definitely the correct island of choice for you when you book your Cambodia island ferry tickets.

  • Koh Thmei:

This small island is located inside the Ream National Park and is home to monkeys, civets, lizards, over 100 different species of birds and several threatened species, including the fishing cat, a wetland feline than makes its home near streams and mangrove forests. If you wanted to spot Cambodian wildlife when booking your Cambodia island ferry tickets then this island was the right choice for you.It is the most remote of the Cambodia Islands with only one place to staycalled the Koh Thmei Resort which haseco-friendly and solar powered simple wooden bungalows. This island is great for hiking, bird watching, kayaking and lazing on the deserted beaches where you can even occasionally catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming along the coast line.

  • Song Saa:

This luxury resort is just 1km away from Koh Rong Island and features exclusive villas with private pools, beach bars, an infinity pool, water sports, diving, yoga, spa treatments and much more. The nickname of these two small islands means “sweethearts” in Khmer and this is definitely the perfect Cambodia Island to treat your sweetheart. If you bought your Cambodia island ferry tickets to experience Cambodia’s most exclusive island with a bottle of champagne awaiting you at check-in then be prepared for a holiday of a lifetime, this is an island you will not want to leave.

  • Koh Ta Kiev

Koh Ta Kiev is the biggest of a small group of Cambodian islands and situated 4km off Otres beach, Sihanoukville and just 1km off the coast of Ream National Park. Unlike other Cambodia Islands it is possible to visit this island just for the afternoon but that would seem like a waste after purchasing your Cambodia island ferry tickets, the gorgeous beaches on this island demand a couple of days to enjoy properly. Surprisingly this island also hosts an absinthe bar and a distillery where you can take a distillery tour that covers the entire process plus the history of the often forbidden beverage.

  • Koh Totang

If you wanted a holiday to completely switch off from everyday life when buying your Cambodia island ferry tickets then this island will be a dream come true. This is the place to do some serious beach combing and switch off from the outside world. This island has no internet so visitors are forced to switch off their iPad, laptops and gadgets and completely take a well needed break. Bungalows are solar powered too so there are no noisy generators to be heard. If your agenda is lazing in a hammock and switching off from your worries you have chosen the right island.

Since all Cambodia island ferry tickets are open return and there are three departure times each day to and from the islands it means that you can decide at any time when you want to return to the mainland. During your stay on the islands you can secure your place on the ferry to return back to Sihanoukville at the pier 24 hours before the time you want to return. Using your  Cambodia island ferry tickets could not be any easier!

The islands off the coast of Sihanoukville are gradually becoming a popular tourist destination in Cambodia so now that you have booked your Cambodia Island Ferry Tickets you can visit while the islands are still mostly undeveloped. If you wanted a break and to see a different side of Cambodia and escape the hustle and bustle of backpacking around Asia then these beautiful islands are the ideal location for you. After one visit it will not be long before you find yourself booking more Cambodia island ferry tickets to return again to these stunning paradise islands.

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