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Buy Cambodia boat trip tickets for Suntours online!

When visiting Cambodia, you should familiarise yourself with Suntours – the main operator of boat trips from the mainland to the islands. Diving and island tours are offered by this company, so why not book a day out with Suntours and buy Cambodia boat trip tickets? Designed with luxury in mind, the company’s vessels provide guests with ample space and if you choose to board the Motor Yacht Sun, sensational sunsets can be witnessed from the open-top deck. After watching the sun cast a crimson glow over the water, knock back a few Klang beers at the bar on the third deck. Let’s dive further into the benefits of being a passenger on this 64-seat boat, shall we?

  • Book Online and Save Money

Making a booking online ensures that your seat is reserved on the Suntours Motor Yacht, which seats 64 people comfortably. Avoid waiting until you arrive in Sihanoukville to buy Cambodia boat trip tickets, because chances are you will end up paying more than necessary. Meals are included in the tour price when bookings are made through Suntours. What’s more, it is possible to reserve the boat for private chartered tours. This is the perfect way to surprise someone on their birthday, for an anniversary or another type of special occasion.

  • Buy Koh Rong Samloem Tickets Safely and Securely

Not everybody feels comfortable divulging personal details on the Internet however, with Suntours, you can guarantee that your identity will be protected. A safe and secure transaction can be processed in minutes on the official website and once the payment has gone through, a confirmation letter will be sent directly to your email address. If you still feel skeptical about handing over finance information on the World Wide Web, look out for the small padlock symbol in the address bar. Only websites with this symbol will be risk-free, so avoid doing business with boat trip providers that don’t boast a valid certificate. After all, you never know who might be sitting on the other side of the screen!

  • Choose a Time Slot and Date to Suit You

Serene beaches, a rich underwater world and local fishing villages are waiting to be explored on Samloem and the time you depart from the mainland is totally up to you. Well, as long as is it within the company’s operating times. Departing from Victory Pier in Sihanoukville, passengers on this four-storey boat can set off in the morning or at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Whatever date and time slot you select when you buy Cambodia boat trip tickets, you will be accompanied by a friendly host. Sometimes, live music is played on-board and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet the musicians.

  • Jump into Turquoise Waters from the Suntours Boat

Everyone who decides to buy Cambodia boat trip tickets on the web will be presented with an opportunity to make a splash by jumping from the boat into the ocean! If you are comfortable swimming and are keen to get an close-up view of marine life swimming around brightly-coloured coral reef, don’t miss out on this chance. Upon reaching Koh Tas, water visibility improves to 5-15 meters, making this area a popular spot for snorkelling. The water quality is equally as impressive near Koh Tang and Koh Koun.

  • Get PADI Certified with Top Samloem Diving Schools

Once the Suntours Yacht reaches the shore at Samloem, keen divers will be asked if they want to participate in PADI certified courses. If you are interested in doing this after you buy Cambodia boat trip tickets online, prepare to skim across the water in the direction of Koh Tang or Koh Prins in a speedboat. These locations are ideal for diving, but keep in mind that about half a dozen diving schools operate on the archipelago and so, performing some research ahead of submerging yourself beneath the tropical waters is advisable.

  • Eat at Samloem’s Best Sea-Facing Restaurants

Do you consider yourself a food connoisseur? Perhaps you simply appreciate fine dining and want to treat your taste buds when you buy Cambodia boat trip tickets? Whatever you crave, your hunger cravings are sure to be satisfied when you book a table at The Fishing Hook. This top-rated Samloem restaurant is the island’s first recycle restaurant and it prides itself on using the freshest ingredients to prepare dishes. Another option if you want to experience culinary excellence is the Sun Island Eco Village restaurant. Overlooking Chhak Saracen Bay, this is a recommended spot to warm up for an evening of drinking.

  • Learn about the Island Eco-System

Perhaps one of the greatest privileges you can enjoy when you buy Cambodia boat trip tickets online is learning about the eco-system on the archipelagos. Macaw monkeys roam the land, which is extremely diverse. Keep your eyes open for the King Fisher bird and consider joining fellow travellers on an organised tour to educate yourself on the subject of island conservation.


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