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Cambodia Backpacker Tours that you cannot Afford to Miss

Is your bag packed, your camera charged and your family ready to say their goodbyes before you set off on an adventure around one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful countries? If so, now is the time to really prepare for the journey that lies ahead by doing a little bit of planning. Sure, the true beauty of being a backpacker is to be blissfully unaware of where you will be from one day to the next. Not a suitable lifestyle for people who aren’t spontaneous, travel experiences of this kind can be unexpected, but amazing. So much so that your life could change forever once you step foot onto the country’s soil!While some days may be unplanned, a little bit of research into Cambodia backpacker tours could shape your culture-filled exploit for the better.

Every single year, millions of people from all walks of life will land in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap airports to kick off their undertaking. Home to the world-famous UNESCO site that is Angkor Wat (not to mention some of the world’s most fantastic beaches and islands), there’s no need to ask the many expats that choose to stay in Cambodia why they made the decision to move. Should you be travelling alone or as part of a group, Cambodia backpacker tours could help you to meet new friends in a stress-free way. Furthermore, organised tours will ensure you see major attractions, like PreahVihear Temple and the Silver Pagoda. Tick everything of your to-do list by joining the following experiences.

  • Tours in Phnom Penh

A city with so much to offer, Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh is a brilliant place to start your trip, because it will throw you in at the deep end and expose you to a great deal of culture! What’s more, the hectic city vibe will put you in the mood for some relaxation in the more laid-back spots around the country afterwards. Daily Cambodia backpacker tours take place in the metro area and you can book them on the Internet, through hostels and guesthouses or with travel tour operators once you arrive on Cambodian soil. Examples of the sights you can see when you embark on tours in Phnom Penh include the tower that commemorates independence, better known as the Independence Monument, the National Museum of Cambodia, Buddhist hilltop temple complex Wat Phnom and of course, the King’s former home, the Royal Palace.

  • Cambodia Backpacker Tours in Siem Reap

Siem Reap is one of the top destinations for Cambodia backpacker tours, not least because it has a unique landscape and history but also, because the backpacking and nightlife scene is full of energy. Positioned on the country’s northwestern side, Siem Reap is home to famous attractions like the Bakong Temple, BanteayKdei, the Cambodian Cultural Village and most notably, Angkor Wat. Tours of this huge temple’s remains are scheduled at various times of the day, including sunrise, midday and sunset. You won’t have trouble finding a tuk-tuk or mode of transport to and from the world’s largest religious monument, nor will you have difficulty finding vendors selling refreshments and books about the complex itself. Expect to see some monkeys wandering around, too!

  • Tours in Sihanoukville

Even if you only have a short period of time in the country, don’t miss the chance to discover what Sihanoukville has to offer. From letting your hair down at the many clubs to bathing in waterfalls, ‘Snooky’ has it all. Cambodia backpacker tours that are favoured by tourists include the diving experiences, ATV tours and trips to surrounding beaches, such as lively Independence Beach and serene Otres Beach. Off-roading is pretty big in this area, as is Pilates and Yoga.

  • Tours in Kampot

Home to many an expat, the Kampot Province has something very special about it and upon visiting, the spontaneously serene destination is sure to suck you in. Kampot is home to one of the country’s most popular tourist spots – Bokor Mountain. Atop this mountain sits a number of French colonial buildings. Other points of interest that can be discovered when you book Cambodia backpacker tours here include Bokor National Park, nearby Kep and Rabbit Island, WatSampov Pram and Popokvil Waterfall. Boat tours and bike tours also take place in this province, both of which guarantee jaw-dropping views of the Elephant Mountains.

  • Tours of the Islands

No journey to the Kingdom would be complete without spending some time on the selection of islands that entice tourists year-round. There are plenty of Cambodia backpacker tours for beach lovers, with the trip from Sihanoukville to KohRong and KohRongSamloem being the better known option. Other islands where you can snorkel, swing on hammocks and swim in the ocean include KohDekKoul, Koh Ta Kiev, KohThonsay and KohRussei, to name a few.

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