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Why the Cambodia Fast Ferry is the Only Way to get to the Islands

A scenic trip to the islands is just a short boat trip away when you visit the Kingdom of Cambodia, with the Cambodia Fast Ferry departing from Sihanoukville five times per day, seven days a week. Many visitors choose this form of transport not just for the fact that there are various time slots to choose from but also, because the service is trusted and has been in operation for a number of years. With clusters of islands dotted around the country’s mainland, it would be a shame not to unleash the explorer inside of you and soak up the sun on what are considered some of the world’s most beautiful coastal spots. If you have never set sail on this mode of transport before, enlighten yourself about the reasons why it is preferred over other methods of travel in the area.

  • Search Availability Online

Convenience is key for a lot of travellers, what with the majority of wanderers having a strict itinerary that they wish to stick to before their time in the country is up! This is what makes the Cambodia Fast Ferry so appealing, because passengers can search for a time slot online, wherever they might be at that particular time. The VongVeng website is the one and only site that provides web users with a simple online booking process. Featured on the website is a list of available time slots, prices and a secure booking feature.

The main times of departure to KohRong and KohRongSamloem are 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. When a time slot has been chosen, you will have the opportunity to wait for the Cambodia Fast Ferry in the bar at the port. Take this opportunity to meet some friends and hydrate yourself before the fun really begins. If you want to stay on the islands overnight you can do so or alternatively, explore them for a few hours and then hop back on the boat later on in the day. After all, your ticket includes return transportation to Sihanoukville.

  • Discover Isolated Islands via the Cambodia Fast Ferry

So much awaits anyone who heads to Cambodia. The country is proud to claim a bevy of beautiful islands as its own and travelling via the Cambodia Speed Ferry means that you don’t have to set aside a huge chunk of your travel time to step foot on them. Expect to see some fairly undeveloped beaches as you slice through the waves aboard the boat, which will navigate along the waters that lap up onto the shore of Koh Ta Kiev and KohThmei. Ream National Park can be found on KohThmei and what makes this island so unique is the fact that it doesn’t even call a village its own – just the white sands and the tropical flora and fauna that blend together to create its alluring appearance.

Two other islands that passengers on the Cambodia Speed Ferry will pack their bags to spend the day on are KohRong and KohRongSamloem. KohRong is perhaps the most well-known, unlike it was many years ago in its undeveloped stage. While it may not be as developed as neighbour country Thailand’s backpacker-enticing islands, you can still expect to find a good selection of bars, restaurants and water sports companies on the island. After enjoying a jet skiing session or snorkelling straight off the boat, let KohRongSamloem dazzle you with its paths that weave through the jungle, its blindingly-white beaches and the romantic bungalows speckled along the seafront.

  • Experience Remarkable Service

Aside from the fact that the Cambodia Speed Ferry offers a scenic and fast 45-minute journey from the Sihanoukville province to the nearby islands, the company has built up its solid reputation with impressive customer service and modern features that can be found on board. Moving at 20 knots, the vessel is equipped with every necessary feature to put passenger minds at ease, such as a navigation system that prevents unexpected delays and allows the captain to set sail along the quickest route. In addition to this, safety equipment can be found on the ferry and used in the event of a mishap, which is very rare!

Island hoppers also favour this form of transport because refreshments are available for free during the entire journey. With Cambodia seeing an average temperature of30 °C during the hottest months, an ice cold drink is always greatly appreciated. Your needs will be tended to by the friendly team of staff working on the Cambodia Speed Ferry, all of which will be happy to point you in the right direction if you fancy going snorkelling in the crystal clear waters, practicing your catch-and-release fishing technique or embarking on a kayaking tour around the land formations that poke out of the sea.

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