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Where Can I Get a Speed Boat Trip to the Islands?

So, you want to see a different side of Cambodia, minus the tuk-tuk rides, taxis and tedious bus journeys? If so, a speed boat trip should be added to your travel itinerary. A popular choice among backpackers and full-time travellers, island-hopping on a fast vessel offers a lot more than sightseeing. In fact, being a passenger on one of the private speed boat hire services offered by VongVeng could actually offer health benefits. Think about it – you’ll be exposed to sunshine that gives your body a dose of Vitamin D, you’ll be filling your lungs with fresh sea air and you’ll be meeting new people, which is good for improving mood and fighting feelings of depression.

A speed boat trip also has its perks in the sense that it can save time when compared to longer voyages, such as journeys on catamarans and long tail boats.Individuals who are interested in learning about sailing may also be keen to book their space on a speed boat, which will be led by an experienced captain. This captain will transport you from the mainland to the surrounding archipelagos and while doing so, you will receive guidance and personal care. A cruising powerboat is an enjoyable experience for all ages and to ensure your experience is safe and memorable, booking a seat on Sihnaoukville’s fastest speed boat is recommended. The name of this vessel is the Elina or the ‘Princess Elina’, if you will.

  • An Exclusive Option for Groups

Although it is possible to buy a ticket for a speed boat trip alone, many backpackers choose to hop on board as part of a group. After all, these boats don’t hold as many people as a yacht or catamaran would, therefore you are likely to enjoy the experience more if you are able to converse with fellow passengers. This excursion is available from numerous tour operators, but the Elina is only available to book through VongVeng – a reliable company that collaborates with Cambodia’s most well-known tour operators.

  • Islands worth Visiting on a Speed Boat Trip

You may be surprised to learn that Cambodia’s islands aren’t limited to KohRong and KohRongSamloem. While these two picturesque hideaways may be the most well-known spots, a number of other islets are speckled close-by. If you don’t want to venture too far from Sihanoukville, take the 7 kilometre journey on a speed boat trip to KohDekKoul. This island is home to the Mirax Resort, which is acknowledged as one of the most chic spots to stay.

Fancy exploring Ream National Park? Sail to KohThmei, which offers outstanding scenery, as does KohRussei, Koh Tang and KohPouloWai. Most of these islands also offer accommodation for the typical traveller, from bungalows and guesthouses to hostels and beachfront shacks, so if you fancy staying the night this is entirely possible.

  • How to Avoid Scammers for a Speed Boat Trip

Even some of Cambodia’s frequent tourists will still get scammed every so often. After all, the locals live on a fairly low wage and if they are smart enough to empty a backpacker’s pocket, they will! It’s not just being ripped off with expensive speed boat trip prices that you ought to be worrying about though, because safety should come into play, too.

Scammers may not be experienced captains and they might not maintain their boats, so be aware of who you book the voyage through. With that being said, what’s the best way to get the best value for money on a speed boat trip? Book through VongVeng! By doing so, you know that the deal is legitimate and you will be sailing in style on the Elina.

  • Using VongVeng’s Online Booking Service

While you could organise a speed boat trip through a number of tour operators, you can put your trust in VongVeng. For years this company has been teaming up with tour operators around the country and by taking customer feedback on board, they are able to adapt and improve their services constantly, not to mention the usability of their website’s booking service. With an Internet connection you can log online and take a look at the ‘Private Speed Boat Hire’ page. On this web page you will find information relating to boat dates, times, availability and pricing.

The duration of the speed boat trips is usually around seven hours and in this time, you will have the opportunity to fish, snorkel and soak up the sun on KohTas, Saracen Bay and serene KohRong. These are just a few examples of the islands you can discover when you pay for a private tour, which costs $700. Free pick-up and drinking water is included in this price and if you wish to feast on ocean-fresh cuisine at Saracen Bay’s fine dining establishments, a dish will set you back just $3-$6.

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