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Once upon a time, Cambodia’s Khmer Empire was mighty, to say the least. However, the majestic country has suffered in many ways over the years. From USA bombings to the brutal Khmer Rouge, it would be an understatement to say that the Kingdom has had its fair share of bad luck. Nevertheless, things have picked… Read More »

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KohRong Not too long ago KohRong’s only tourist amenities were a handful of bungalows besides miles of dense jungle and some of the finest Cambodia islands white sand beaches. There’s still amazing hiking and trekking on this Island in the parts of the jungle that loggers haven’t destroyed, but in the last few years dozens… Read More »

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The Islands just off Sihanoukville on the coast of Cambodia are one of the main reasons that people visit the Kingdom of Cambodia. Situated just 25 to 45 minutes ferry ride from the main pier (depending on ferry service), you will be amazed by the miles of pristine beaches and turquoise waters there. There are… Read More »

Everyone’s dream holiday is a trip to some exotic island paradise with swaying palms and crystal clear waters. That’s why Cambodia’s Islands are the best places to visit in the world. Off the South coast of Cambodia, islands big and small dot the waters. Some are popular tourist destinations while others remain almost untouched by… Read More »

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