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Get your Koh Rong tickets online to guarantee your trip

Koh Rong tickets should be on every backpacker’s list of things to buy when they get to Cambodia. In the past it was a visit to Angkor Wat on passing tourists itineraries, not any longer!

Cambodia’s islands are becoming one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia. With Koh Rong often compared to Thailand ten years ago.The breath taking islands of Cambodia are now on many travelers’ must see lists.
No trip to Cambodia is complete without a few days or a long weekend to one of the islands. Make sure you book your seat and grab some Koh Rong tickets from for you and your friends before tickets sell out.

  • Why visit Koh Rong?

    With Koh Rong tickets booked you can visit one of the most beautiful places in Cambodia.

Koh Rong is the tropical island that has it all. Bask in the sun on perfect white sand beaches. Or take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand.
Don’t mistake Koh Rong as just a sunbathers paradise though. You can also spend an afternoon taking a hike through the jungle for the adventurer in you. You can enjoy a whole heap of outdoors activities that’ll keep you busy during your stay on the island. Here are just some of the activities on offer on Koh Rong:

Rent a motorbike or a mountain bike to explore the island.

Hire a kayak for three hours for as little as $10.

Snorkel among the shoals of tropical fish.

When you buy your Koh Rong tickets you can enjoy all these popular attractions.

Koh Rong has several low-budget bungalows and bars making the tropical island a budget backpacker’s paradise. The island also happens to be known as the best of the Cambodia islands for partying. Regular full moon parties take place on the main beach of Koh Touch.
Other than Koh Touch beach you’ll find that many of the beaches on Koh Rong are still underdeveloped. The island is home to many remote guesthouses that you can escape to if you feel like getting away from it all. When you purchase Koh Rong tickets and book a room at one of the far-flung guesthouses you’ll find virtually private beaches await you. A far cry from Koh Touch beach where the island earnt it’s party reputation.

  • Where Do I Buy Koh Rong Tickets?

There are a few companies operating boat trips to Koh Rong on a daily basis. The two fastest and safest operators are without a doubt, Buva Speed Ferry and Island Speed Ferry Cambodia.

You can buy tickets for both of these services in Sihanoukville ticket offices but they sell out quickly. If you want to guarantee your Koh Rong tickets book online at

Why Book Koh Rong Tickets Online

Koh Rong is a popular destination for all kinds of visitors to Cambodia. From budget backpackers to those wanting a more exclusive experience on the Song Saa Private resort

There are a limited number of seats available every day on the high-speed ferry services. We advise booking your Koh Rong tickets online through to avoid disappointment and guarantee your trip to the stunning island of Koh Rong.

  • Island Speed Ferry

    Boat trips with Island speed ferry are a great way to get to Koh Rong

Being the longest running service, Island Speed Ferry, leaves the coast of Sihanoukville for Koh Rong three times per day, 365 days a year.

They have a reputation among tourists and locals for being a safe and reliable way to reach the islands. Gliding through the gulf at 20 knots, you’ll reach the gorgeous island of Koh Rong in only 45 minutes.

Island Speed Ferry’s speedboats are much bigger than their competitors. With each of their speedboats comfortably carrying 135 people to the islands.

Not surprisingly Island Speed Ferry’s trips are always fully booked at least a few days in advance and during the busiest peak season up to a week before.

Make your way to Koh Rong on Island Speed Ferry’s brand new twin hulled boats by booking your Koh Rong tickets on

  • Buva Sea Ferry

Possibly the fastest way to the island, Buva Sea Ferry, offers Koh Rong tickets on their brand new fleet of speedboats. They run six times per day and can carry up to 50 people on one journey.

Arrive in the beautiful bay of Koh Rong in an impressive time of just 25 minutes from Sihanoukville.

Buva boasts being the operator that stops at the most piers on the islands with two stops on Koh Rong Samloem and three stops on Koh Rong. With Buva you can arrive as close as possible to your guesthouse and avoid the dreaded walk across the island in the hot Cambodian sun.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Koh Rong tickets thorough today to be sure that you get a seat on the boat and visit the gorgeous island of Koh Rong whilst you’re in Cambodia.


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