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Get from KohRong to KohRongSamloem on the Speed Ferry

If you are keen to venture outside of Sihanoukville during your stay in Cambodia, make sure you fit a trip from KohRong to KohRongSamloem into your itinerary. The island of KohRongSamloem measures just one kilometer in width at its narrowest section, making it seem like an islet, rather than an island. Despite the fact it is much smaller than its neighbouring island, there is still plenty to do and see on this paradisical hideout. With its sleepy vibe and spectacular scenery, a lot of people who visit don’t want to leave. Around 30 different types of accommodation can be found on the sandy, jungle-enclosed islet but before you can check in to your guesthouse, slip on your swimwear and dive into the ocean, you first need to get to your destination! A popular choice for transport between the islands is the Speed Ferry.

  • What is the Speed Ferry?

There are two Speed Ferry vessels, both of which were built in Thailand in the year 2013. They are the 125-seat “Princess”, which travels to KohRong and the smaller 35-seat “FastCat”, which travels to KohRongSamloem, M’Pai Bay and Saracen Bay. These vessels are designed with GPS tracking systems and everyone who gets on board will be provided with a life jacket, should they need it. Offering a smooth route to the islands from the mainland, a team of experienced crew members will join you on the journey from KohRong to KohRongSamloem.

Open return tickets are available to members of the public and updated information about the company’s latest press releases can be viewed on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. The timetable from KohRong to KohRongSamloem shows that the boats depart at 9:00 am, 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, with return times being just an hour later at 10:00 am, 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm. By paying for an open return option, you can decide how many hours you want to spend snorkelling, trekking through the jungle and sunbathing on what is considered one of the most beautiful coastal spots in Cambodia. Booking your tickets online will entitle you to receive a 20 percent discount. You can also get your tickets directly from the pier upon arrival. Simply walk up to the office in KohRong, hand over your money and take the ticket.

  • Are Other Options Available to Get from KohRong to KohRongSamloem?

Of course there are some other options made available to travellers departing from KohRong to KohRongSamloem. However, people tend to choose the Speed Ferry because it is affordable at just $6 per person, it leaves multiple times per day and it is the fast option. Nevertheless, there is the option to hop on a jet ski and rip through the waves if you fancy making the trip part of the adventure. Jet ski rental will usually be charged by the hour and if you walk along the stretch of beach on KohRong Island, you are guaranteed to find someone selling watersports experiences of this kind.

There is also a “Fast Boat” that sets off from Serendipity Beach Pier in Sihanoukville throughout the week. It is slightly cheaper than the Speed Ferry, with tickets being sold for just $15. The price reflects the standard of service and convenience, because there are only two boats departing every day – one at 9:00 am and one at 3:00 pm. The journey will take approximately 40 minutes, but expect to be waiting around a bit longer as fellow travellers queue up and grab their tickets last minute.

  • Things to Do On KohRongSamloem

So, once you have travelled from KohRong to KohRongSamloem, what exactly can you do on the island? Well, you will be spoilt for choice actually! If you fancy sitting back and relaxing with a cocktail in-hand, you can do just this, as there are heaps of shack-style bars dotted along the beach at most resorts. Fancy getting beneath the waves to spot various species of fish and coral? If so, dig out your snorkel mask and goggles to witness the sea life. You could even take a boat to the surrounding bays and do a spot of snorkelling there, too.

Diving is another activity that gives the islet its good reputation. Whether you already have your PADI certification or want to earn it after moving from KohRong to KohRongSamloem by boat, you won’t have difficulty finding diving schools in the nearby area. If you’re lucky, guesthouse owners may even provide you with diving equipment. Most resorts will rent out their kayaks for a small fee, which is the ideal thing to do when the sun is setting and the waters placid. Don’t forget to visit the lighthouse after going on a jungle trek or mountain biking experience.

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