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Get from Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem on the Speed Ferry

Do you enjoy hiking, sunbathing and swimming? Would you like to feast on freshly caught seafood whilst looking out at the ocean it was plucked from? Have you got a daredevil side that you want to unleash by going diving, jet skiing or zip lining? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you should seriously consider travelling from Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem on the Speed Ferry. Samloem is known as KohRong’s smaller sister, but it doesn’t lack appeal, despite its small size. Measuring 9.5 kilometres in length and 4.8 kilometres at its widest point, the island covers an area of approximately 24.5 square kilometres. Over the years, it has become increasingly popular among solo travellers, as well as couples who are seeking out a peaceful and romantic getaway. While it may be too far to swim from the Sihanoukville province, a 45-minute journey is all it takes to feel the sand between your toes on this drowsy islet.

  • Save Time and Money

The ferry that travels from Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem is the second quickest, after a helicopter ride. With that being said, it is essentially the fastest form of water transport to the islands, not to mention the safest. Seating 135 people comfortably, the vessel moves at a speed of 20 knots, so whether you set sail at 9:00 am, 11:00 am or 3:00 pm, you are guaranteed to arrive at your destination in well under an hour. Operated by a company called VongVeng, the boat conforms to the highest level of safety and it is cleaned regularly to ensure the satisfaction of everyone who gets on board.

Bookings for the trip from Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem cost $20 and can be made in an instant, thanks to the convenient online booking service offered by VongVeng. Dates, times and seat options can be selected with the touch of a button and a partial payment of $7 made securely on the site, with the remaining funds being requested on the date of departure. This return trip price is a lot cheaper than other companies might charge, so beware of other tour travel operators claiming to offer the speediest and cheapest service, as they will be lying!

  • Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem – What to Expect

Each year, the number of people who choose to make the trip from Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem grows. Nevertheless, the island has a very small population of just 300 and because of this the island clings onto its isolated ambiance. Fairly hilly with plenty of jungle to explore, KohRongSamloem has some areas that are overgrown with vegetation. Visitors can set foot on many different sections of beach, lots of which have pretty little bungalows perched around them. You won’t have trouble finding accommodation with a beach view, as the majority of resorts and guesthouses are ocean-facing.

So, what can you expect on the voyage from Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem? Well, the journey to the semi-untouched island is more than just a trip – it is an enjoyable experience that gives everyone on board a chance to sightsee and mingle with fellow travellers. The crew that works on the VongVeng vessel will do everything in their power to ensure your time on the boat is memorable. From pouring refreshing beverages to informing passengers about the views they are observing at that very moment, the staff sure will put a smile on your face. The Speed Ferry is designed with large windows that look out onto the tide, so be sure to pack your camera if you want to capture a timeline of the day’s events.

  • Get Stuck Into Watersports Activities

There are lots of ways to make a splash when you go from Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem, even if you just want to dip your toes in the sea. If you are feeling adventurous and want to get a close-up look at the marine life species that swim around the island’s reef, put on a snorkel mask and goggles for a snorkelling session. Divers tend to plunge into the water here too, because a remarkable variety of fish species and seahorses can be seen. The island is also home to plentiful wildlife, including birds like the kingfisher and great hornbill.

The vast majority of accommodation owners will provide guests who journey from Sihanoukville to KohRongSamloem with equipment for watersports, like kayaking and canoeing. Be sure to try this out at sunrise or at sunset, when the waters tend to be fairly calm and reflect the warmth of the sky. Fancy taking a dip in the ocean? If so, head in the direction of Sunset Beach or Lazy Beach – two popular swimming and sunbathing spots for tourists. Alternatively, skim around the edge of the island on a jet ski, which can be rented for a fee.

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