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What to do and where to go on your Cambodia boat Charter!

There’s nothing quite like the scent of the sea air intermingled with the fresh sense of adventure, luxury and unparalleled beauty of Cambodia’s tropical islands. To put it another way – there’s nothing quite like a Cambodia boat charter…

Sihanoukville’s peninsular location has attracted a rapidly expanding tourist scene, boasting new and more extravagant opportunities every year. A key development to Sihanoukville’s draw is the ever improving variety of operating tourist vessels in the area. A Cambodia boat charter allows visitors to witness the stunning islands that lie like treasures, just waiting to be discovered within the Gulf of Thailand. Combine this with the added incentive of having numerous exciting activities and fun to be had in and around these islands, and you’re in for a real treat.

  • Sail on a fantasy – a  Cambodia boat charter reality…

If you savour the sweet ocean breeze, the wind upon an open sail and the decadence of a timeless tradition, then without doubt, the only way to leave port is by yacht. Amoya, the 11 meter / 36 foot long vessel is a sight to behold – a real beauty – and with a double cabin, kitchen, bathroom and convertible saloon, you’ll be able to relish the freedom that’s onboard. However, the crew maintain that you’ll spend most of your time in the very spacious cockpit, the prime location to take in those exquisite views and the splendour of the tropical islands. To explain the sights and guide you through these waters, your crew of two, the wonderful Mathias (skipper) & Sophie (cook), will be there with you on your journey, ensuring that your Cambodia boat charter is nothing short than exceptional and incredibly tasty! With years of experience, Mathias helps and encourages his guests to tailor make their trip into an experience that best suits your exact requirements, thus creating a unique an unforgettable time aboard the Amoya. So, whether one fancies a day trip to Koh Russei, Koh Treah or Koh Ta Kiev, or even a spot of snorkelling, Mathias can arrange it with ease. Yet, for the more adventurous among you even greater excursions can be chartered taking you as far out as the island of Koh Kong, all the way to the Thai border itself. Raise your sails if you’re keen, because we certainly are!

  • Tie your first knot with a Cambodia boat Charter

Perhaps you’ve never stepped foot upon a boat, never soared toward a sunkissed island, nor treated yourself to seas so blue. For those of you who don’t know your masts from your sails, your port from your starboard, do not worry for a moment – Sihanoukville Sail is ready to be your compass. This fantastic catamaran hire company has the boats, the tuition and the highly specialised service to ensure you and your budding crew will enjoy and learn everything you need in order to experience the Cambodia boat charter to the full. Sihanoukville Sail gives you the opportunity to take to the waves for just an hour or the entire day and can accommodate people of all skills and levels. Never before has it been easier to gain the knowledge and the thrill of what it is to sail. To do so in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth just happens to be part of the package!

  • The Cambodia boat charter and the islands of opportunity

Already the names of these exotic places previously mentioned are probably swirling around your mind, but what awaits you as you discover them? Wildlife blossoms, dances and soars from above and below the pristine waves of white crested turquoise, an awe inspiring display of exquisite beauty that can be admired from the very outset of your Cambodia boat charter.

Take a trip to the likes of Koh Rong and enter an underwater world filled with sea-horse, shoals of goat-fish and diamond fish, before experiencing the famous party island life. Koh Rong even offers great kayak deals at amazing rates, meaning you can experience the island any way you see fit. However, perhaps a voyage to Koh Tas and Koh Rong Sanluem tickles your fancy. Cast your line out into the open waters and fish for mahi-mahi, sail fish or marlin. The Gulf of Thailand is brimming with life, just duck and dive into one of the many coral gardens to see for yourself. Snorkelling in and around Koh Tas and Koh Rong Sanluem allows you to truly explore the magic of what lies beneath the waves. For a fantastically speedy trip to these wondrous islands a Cambodia boat charter with the ‘Princess Elina’ is the perfect choice. A twenty seat speedboat will transport you to the tranquillity of  Koh Rong Sanluem’s Saracen Bay, a haven for snorkelling, swimming and pure indulgence. Some of Cambodia’s finest restaurants are here too, and will serve you a taste of real hospitality and real food. A Cambodia boat charter with the ‘Princess Elina’ will grant you 7hrs of pure holiday bliss. But from speedboats to yachts, whichever boat meets your requirements, you can be sure that what’s in store in and around Cambodia’s tantalising tropical islands is nothing short of spectacular.

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