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Where should you go on the island after you buy Koh Rong tickets?

Are you feeling tempted to book an island break? If so, consider visiting Koh Rong, which sits just 40 kilometres off the mainland of Sihanoukville. It might not be that far away but from the moment you step foot on the talcum powder-soft sand, you are guaranteed to feel like you’ve been whisked a million miles away. The sun heating up your skin, the sand between your toes and the sound of the waves lapping up onto the shore will signal the start of an unforgettable getaway on Cambodia’s most famous archipelago. Whether you plan on visiting for a day or more, make the most of your experience by knowing where to roam once you are island-bound.

  • Check Out the Zipline Adventure Park

Did you know that the first rope adventure park in Cambodia is located on Koh Rong? That’s right, so if you are not afraid of heights and like to be “at one” with nature, a trip to the High Point Rope Park will certainly not disappoint. Constructed over 23 trees, the rope park provides anyone daring enough to have a go with a panoramic view from the island’s highest point. Connecting numerous platforms together is a sturdy zip line and if you buy Koh Rong tickets with five people or more, the fifth person will gain free admission to the park.

  • Buy Koh Rong Tickets for an Eco-System Experience

The miraculous eco-system that Koh Rong is home to cannot be ignored, with natural beauty at every twist and turn. Some of the world’s most delicate eco-systems survive in the stunning environment, including nudibranches and seahorses. A true pleasure to observe, much of the fauna and flora can be found at the island’s Marine Protected Area (MPA). It’s worth putting on a snorkel mask and flippers too, because corals are abundant, not to mention colourful!

  • Visit Tranquil Beaches for Sunbathing or Snorkelling

Many people who buy Koh Rong tickets will forget that there is more to the island than the famous Long Beach. As a matter of fact, the island boasts 43 kilometres of beachfront areas, most of which are ideal for an afternoon of sunbathing, a snorkelling session or kayaking at sunset. Teeming with corals, the coastal areas look like something you might see on a postcard. Head to one of the beaches with southeast-facing sand to get the most sunlight or if you prefer to swig cocktails and mingle with fellow beach lovers, southern Koh Touch will satisfy.

  • Swing on a Hammock at Sky Bar

If you fancy doing something a little bit different after you buy Koh Rong tickets and step off the boat, get a mini workout by climbing the steps to Sky Bar. This bar can be considered a viewpoint, because it lends sweeping views of the ocean from a height. Arrive before 6:00 pm to take advantage of Happy Hour deals, before nibbling on cheesy balls from the bar and watching the sun set while swinging in a hammock.

  • Greet Locals at the Fishing Villages

Four cute villages can be explored if you buy Koh Rong tickets. Despite the fact the island has been developed quite a lot over the last decade, it clings onto its traditional Khmer side at these villages, which are home to local people. The majority of locals will earn a living by fishing, so why not swing by and get a glimpse into a simpler side of life? Slow boat rental also offers the locals an opportunity to earn money through tourism and this is a fascinating way of seeing the sights at a lazy pace.

  • Jungle Trekking or Mountain Biking

You will be surprised at the various types of wildlife hiding beneath the jungle’s canopy. Consider gathering a group of friends (be it old or new friends) together after you buy Koh Rong tickets to spend the day trekking or riding a mountain bike. If you have the energy, participate in overnight trekking and mingle with the local people for a memorable evening. Waterfalls, secluded beaches and traditional villages are waiting to be discovered on the island. Organised tours of this kind are usually led by an expert, who will point out toucans, macaws and towering mahogany trees.

  • Party until the Early Hours on Police Beach

Remote beaches do still exist on Koh Rong Island. Once you have bought Koh Rong tickets and step foot on the pretty peninsula, chances are you’ll get lured to Police Beach by fellow backpackers, partygoers and islanders (well, expats) who want to get you drunk under the moonlight – all in the name of the Full Moon Party, of course. Situated on Oahu’s North Shore, the beach is tranquil by day and alive during full moon, when DJs perform to crowds until late. The beach may look familiar, because it is where LOST episodes were filmed!

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