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Koh Rong Comfort Ferry

The Cheapest and one of the most interesting ways to get to the Island of Koh Rong is by taking the Comfort Ferry of Koh Rong Islands Ferry Service. This Big converted Fishing Boat is comfortable and stable in high seas. It has cushioned bench seating on the lower level and sofa seating and sunbeds on top. The boat is fitted out with a large western bathroom and fully stocked bar and all safety and snorkeling gear is provided.

There is also a free but optional snorkeling stop at Koh Kun Island, offering the best snorkeling in the Archipelago. Catering for the budget traveler and backpacker crowd this boat leaves from Serendipity Pier at a very reasonable 11am. You can listen to your favorite songs along the way. The boat arrives at Koh Rong Island at 1pm, and arrives back in Sihanoukville at 3:30pm with plenty of time to catch buses, etc., for those planning on leaving town later that day.

Please find us on Serendipity Pier, Sihanoukville at 10:30am, pay the remaining balance direct to the boat conductor and also collect your return tickets at this time.

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Fully Luxurious And Comfortable