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What Makes Kampot Nightlife So Popular with Cambodia Tourists?

Some of Cambodia’s visitors stumble across Kampot by chance, whereas others will hear about the charm of this place and purposefully book a trip when making their way around the country. A province located in Southwest Cambodia, Kampot quietly creeps up onto the Gulf of Thailand’s edge. Peaceful and laid-back, Kampot Province sits on the outermost borders of Koh Kong and Kampong Speu, which are positioned to the North. Several attractions are offered to visitors – visitors who are least expecting Kampot nightlife but upon experiencing it, are pleasantly surprised!

The main appeal in this area is the TeukChhou River, where thrill-seekers can enjoy watersports or lazy afternoons watching the sun set as the fishing boats go past. French colonial architecture makes this big coastal province very picturesque, as do the misty Elephant Mountains that piece together the mysteriously beautiful backdrop. If you are not too tired after spending a day experiencing bamboo train rides, exploring the pre-Angkorian caves and ruins, and visiting the pepper plantations where the famous Kampot Pepper brand sources its goods from, why not let your hair down and check out the Kampot nightlife? Although the town tends to shut down early to help it retain its sleepy vibe, there is plenty of drinking and dancing to be done here.

  • Kampot Nightlife Welcomes a Diverse Crowd

It’s difficult to say what age group ventures out to discover Kampot nightlife, but it is safe to say that the crowd is diverse. This makes this location ideal for the young backpackers, the middle-aged wanderers and the older retirees to mingle, without feeling as though they stick out like a sore thumb like they may feel in other places around Cambodia, such as KohRong or Sihanoukville. Let’s take Oh’Neil’s Irish Bar for example – proudly positioned on Riverside Road, O’Neil’s overlooks the river and the welcoming atmosphere lures in anyone who wants to enjoy some ‘craic’ in a friendly environment.

Beers and good old pub grub is on offer at this establishment, much like it is at Brass Monkey – a hip hangout spot that also provides visitors with astonishing views of the river, separated by a road that welcomes a flurry of motorbikes, cars and tuktuks. A varied group of people can also be seen relaxing at other Kampot nightlife spots, such as MoiTiet, Couch Potatoes and popular tapas and wine spot, Baraca. These three social hubs open throughout the evening and late into the night, but sit further into the town. For a wild party with the younger crowd, grab some shots at Mad Monkey before midnight.

  • Listen to Live Music from Up-and-Coming Talent

What is so unique about the Kampot nightlife is that raw talent can be discovered in this part of Cambodia. It may not be a destination for huge concerts, but there are a number of establishments that hold weekly live music events on their premises, giving musicians a chance to perform to big crowds and visitors an experience they will never forget. Some settings are intimate whereas others are on a bigger scale. Let’s take Bokor Mountain Lodge for example. Perched in the town facing the river, this upscale lodge hosts live music on Sundays and the size of the establishment makes these events feel like something special.

For a more intimate view of Kampot nightlife music, head over to Tantrei. This rooftop bar is stylish and classy, with an open and airy feel to it. It only opens when live music is playing, which is why visitors who relax on the comfortable sofas, sprawl out on the floor or sit by the bar are always engrossed in what they are watching and listening to. Some other live music venues to check out during your stay includeWunderbar, The Greenhouse and Naga House, but expect the music to be more up-tempo and DJ-like at Naga.

  • Admire Incredible Views of the Mountains and River

Hopping in a tuktuk and heading just outside of the town to uncover Kampot nightlife is an option after enjoying some social pre-drinks at quaint Nelly’s Bar or lively Maddy’s Bar. For just a couple of dollars, a tuktuk will take you to Banyan Tree Guesthouse on the river, where the party kicks off every Friday night. Once again the crowd is mixed here, as it is at Naga House, which claims Saturday as its party night. Hip hop, dance and various other music genres can be listened to at these guesthouses and best of all you don’t have to be staying at either of the lodgings to join in with the fun! Simply buy a drink, mingle and let the night unfold.

Don’t expect too much partying at The Greenhouse but rather, a sophisticated ambiance and outstanding scenery enclosing the grounds. A broad selection of wines and cocktails can be guzzled here when the jam nights are taking place.

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