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Why So Many People Choose the One Resort for KohRongSamloem Accommodation

If you were to ask around about the top picks for Samloem accommodation, the One Resort would be a name you’d hear a lot. Located on the idyllic island of KohRongSamloem, this luxury resort is a preferred option among couples, newlyweds, families, business professionals and generally anyone who wants to unwind in paradise surroundings. With guaranteed views of the pristine beach and opulence oozing from every inch, it’s not surprising that the vast majority of people who rock up to the island from KohRong choose to stay a night (or many) at this high-class hideaway.

Samloem accommodation is not plentiful, but it does exist, with many of the guesthouses and hotels being fully booked during high season. The One Resort was constructed towards the end of 2015 and sees high demand throughout the seasons, leaving those who have not yet checked in to wonder, what makes this accommodation so special? Well, aside from the fact that there is a comprehensive list of things to do for island hoppers on the islet (which the Cambodian Navy owns), such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, trekking and cycling, the haven also claims the following desirable traits that make it a big hit with globetrotters of varying ages and interests.

  • Central Location

OK, so KohRongSamloem is not the biggest island speckled around Cambodia’s shores, measuring just one kilometer at its narrowest tip, four kilometres wide and ninekilometres long, but it is still nice to be positioned in a central location when spending time in this paradise. The One Resort is not overshadowed by other Samloem accommodation, because it boasts a convenient position close to nearby activities and restaurants. Very new and rated highly by guests, the resort offers sweeping views of the ocean that creeps up to greet the white sand island, which has a name that translates to ’drowsiness’.

With its small population of just 300 and growing, the island makes visitors feel extra special when they rest their heads at one of the Samloem accommodation spots. The One Resort has everything on its grounds to satisfy explorers, but for those people who want to see what else the area has to offer, a hike or trek through the jungle that encircles the island will be perfect for admiring wildlife. Just footsteps from the spacious terraces at this resort is three-kilometre long Saracen Bay, which is the kind of beach you can expect to see on the front page of a travel magazine or as the wallpaper on somebody’s computer – utterly outstanding.

  • Luxurious Features of this Samloem Accommodation

The competition is quiet fierce for Samloem accommodation owners, with less than 30 distinct forms of accommodation currently being found on the island. With that being said, the people who run guesthouses and hotels on this slice of Cambodian paradise have to make their establishments as alluring as possible. How do they do this, you ask? By giving guests a dose of luxury, of course! The world ‘luxurious’ would be a bit of an understatement to describe the features at the One Resort.

As if the flawless private beach area wasn’t enough to put a smile on someone’s face when staying here, there’s an infinity pool just waiting to be bathed in. Surrounded by blue sea, palm trees and powder white sand, the outdoor pool is infinity style and is enclosed by wooden decking and loungers. A children’s playground sits on the grounds, as well as a library, gymnasium and canoeing, snorkelling and diving equipment. Special diet menus are available at the resort’s restaurant for people with specific dietary requirements and inside the rooms is a safety deposit box, wide-screen televisions, air conditioning and VIP room facilities. Laundry and maid services are thrown into the mix with this Samloem accommodation too, not to mention the free WiFi.

  • Private Taxi Boat

For the majority of visitors, the desire to escape KohRongSamloem and wander elsewhere is pretty much non-existent. However, when the feeling strikes (or when you need to depart from the island once you check out), a private taxi boat will be waiting to collect you from the main pier. This pier sees the bulk of ocean traffic passing by and it is located approximately a 15-minute walk from the resort on foot. Rather than hopping on board one of the boats that glide from island to island on a daily basis alongside other tourists, enjoy the free taxi boat service, which is private and can be arranged to depart at a time that suits you.

Another convenient service of this Samloem accommodation is the 24-hour reception desk, where a friendly member of staff will be happy to tend to your needs when necessary, whether it’s a massage, room service or a simple request for clean bed sheets!

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