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Why So Many People are choosing the Cambodia Islands this Year

Once upon a time, Cambodia’s Khmer Empire was mighty, to say the least. However, the majestic country has suffered in many ways over the years. From USA bombings to the brutal Khmer Rouge, it would be an understatement to say that the Kingdom has had its fair share of bad luck. Nevertheless, things have picked up immensely since Pol Pot’s inhumane regime, with tourists flocking to the Cambodia islands in their millions every year. Sun cream-slathered skin, a pair of shades and a good camera are the essential ingredients for a good time on the country’s nature-enclosed enclaves.

  • The Rise in Popularity of Cambodia Islands

While the main focus of traveller’s trips to the Southeast Asian nation used to be to see the famous Angkor Wat and other temples sprinkled around the map, people’s attention is quickly being drawn to the Cambodia islands. A little slice of heaven awaits anyone who steps foot on the talcum powder-soft sand that blankets the country’s archipelagos. Not only is this rise in popularity good for tourists but also, for the economy.
Numerous islands and islets are now considered up-and-coming beach resorts, a handful of which are already seeing major growth and development. It is still possible to seek out spots where only a hammock or two can be seen. On the other hand, accommodation in the form of bungalows, hostels and guesthouses are making Cambodia islands all the more appealing.

  • Boat Trips around the Islands

The days when travellers had to queue up for boat tickets and endure delays are long gone, because the transport system around the Cambodia islands is now very advanced. An appealing option for explorers on a time limit, boat trips around the peninsulas that make Cambodia’s landscape so jaw-dropping will be memorable. Pack a camera, because it’s common to catch sight of dolphins and exotic birds during sea voyages. If you don’t deal with sea sickness, you are sure to have a blast boating it from island-to-island. Long tail boats, speed boats, ferries and catamarans depart from the pier at Sihanoukville on a daily basis. Depending on where you venture to, refreshments and snacks may be included in the fare.

  • Flora around the Peninsulas

Did you know that out of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is one of the most bio-diverse? The variety of plant life on the Cambodia islands is vibrant and colourful throughout the year. Furthermore, the native flora is plentiful. Dense forested areas cover a large portion of some islands, such as Song Saa. A 50,000 square-meter marine reserve can be found on this island, where there is a big focus on conservation. Equally as beautiful is KohThmei, where the majority of accommodation on the island is solar-powered and designed in an eco-friendly way. Natural materials are sourced to construct wooden and bamboo bungalows, of which are enclosed by mangrove forests and trickling streams. Tree species include coconut, rubber and palm, to name a few. Also adding colour to the picture-perfect landscape is the high sharp grass, mango trees, banana trees and orange trees.

  • Activities on Cambodia Islands

Whether you want to take some time out from carrying a backpack along the typical tourist trail or fancy getting an adrenaline rush, you can rest assured that there will be an activity to suit you on the islands. Each of the Cambodia islands offers something different. For example, days and nights can be spent partying, socialising, sunbathing and jet-skiing on KohRong, whereas neighbour island KohRongSamloem boasts a more laid-back vibe, making it the ideal spot to nurse a hangover. Boat chartering tours depart from most islands and numerous activities can be indulged in, such as fishing, cliff jumping, snorkelling, diving and kayaking. Getting in touch with nature is easy, what with the tropical jungles offering visitors zip-lining experiences and hiking tours. After all of the adrenaline-pumping fun, consider getting a massage, facial or spa treatment at one of the luxury resorts on Koh Ta Kiev or Song Saa.

  • Island Wildlife Watching

The wildlife of Cambodia is something to marvel at, both on the mainland and on the Cambodia islands. Through the protection of forested areas, endangered species are being given a chance to thrive. While you might not see an Asian elephant, tiger, bear or Siamese crocodile on the archipelagos, there’s a good chance you’ll catch sight of wild ducks, parrots and even snakes! Other mammals that call the Kingdom of Wonders home include the dhole, Irrawaddy dolphin, rice-field rat and wild water buffalo. Reptiles are in abundance on the islands also, which is another reason why the coastal region is gaining widespread attention from tourists. As one of the world’s richest wildlife spots, there’s a high probability a fairy-bluebird or long-tailed tit will flap its wings overhead while you’re feasting on traditional Khmer cuisine beneath a palm tree.

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