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Why Do People Come to Sihanoukville for luxury Cambodia Sports Fishing?

Planning your next trip to Sihanoukville? Consider taking a Cambodia sports fishing trip, especially if you haven’t been on one before.

Wondering about Cambodia sports fishing excursions in Sihanoukville? With its shores in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and it’s picturesque islands, Sihanoukville is fast becoming known as the best destination for sports fishing in Cambodia.

Cambodia sports fishing is a somewhat new area of tourism for the south east Asian country, let your cast be one of the first in the next fishing season. This new hot spot is a great place for saltwater fishing and for getting into a tussle with a marlin.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fish you’re looking to snag. Sihanoukville has places for trout, places for salmon, and even a place where you can catch a  shark!

The kind of fishing you’re looking to do doesn’t matter either. In Sihanoukville there are spots for deep-sea fishing just the same as there are places for fly-fishing along a river or from the reefs off shore of paradise islands like Koh Rong, Koh Rong Sanloem and Koh Ta Kiev.

Cambodia’s waters are bursting with fish. The river and sea are still un-spoilt and they await your first cast on your fishing getaway to Sihanoukville.

Cambodia sports fishing is exhilarating as well as a fun day out on the water! A day out fishing will set you up perfectly for a great evening back at one of Sihanoukville’s many bars. Where after a long and memorable day you can enjoy a well deserved rest over a can of Angkor Beer, delicious Cambodian food, perhaps your spoils from the day, and a discussion with new and old friends.

Will your day’s adventures be threaded with luck and catches!  Or will you tell stories and tales of “the one that got away!” for the rest of your vacation. Which ever the case make sure you’re prepared! Remember your camera for those all important proud photo moments; you never know when you’re going to catch the big one!

  • What types of Cambodia sports fishing trips are available?

Sihanoukville’s deep sea fishing is developing and becoming more popular every season. Deep sea fishing is just one type of Cambodia sports fishing you can enjoy during your time in Sihanoukville.

Want to experience real Khmer style fishing with a group of locals? Take a half day trip on board a traditional Cambodian fishing boat.

How about seeing some beautiful remote islands whilst you’re on your fishing expedition? Then you’ll want to book a 2 to 3 day fishing cruise on board a luxury motor yacht. Or for the most fun, hire a private small long tail boat with a driver for a modest fee per day.

The great thing about sports fishing in Cambodia is that there are plenty of operators locally delivering these kinds of sports fishing experiences and they’re doing it well. There’s an operator for everyone and every type of trip situated along the beaches of Sihanoukville.

The professional Cambodia sports fishing guides will be able to help you enjoy the thrills and excitement of an off-shore fishing trip whether you’re an old pro, or someone brand new to the fishing game.

Fishing trips usually begin early on in the morning and can last anywhere from early afternoon to early evening. There are lots of vendors offering every length of excursion from half day trips to 3 day excursions. Cambodian people have an extremely relaxed nature so there’s usually no need to reserve in advance, but you may want to check availability during the busy high season.

  • What Can I expect to catch when Cambodia Sports fishing?

Every Cambodia sports fishing trip is sure to be different with the diverse marine life that inhabits Sihanoukville’s waters. The under developed coast of Sihanoukville boasts a range of fishing grounds from river, deep sea and tropical island reefs you’ll be sure to catch something that will impress.

Without a doubt the best fishing is during the middle of dry season when the weather is fair with little rain and tourism is at it’s peak. When out on a Cambodia sports fishing trip there’s the possibility of catching a variety of species. Tuna, shark, marlin and even the prized barracuda could be your catch of the day!

Around Sihanoukville’s many idyllic islands are reefs that are home to many exotic specimens like Snapper, Cobia, and Pompano as well as Cobia, Trevally, Pompano and an array of other reef fish waiting to take your bait.

Paradise islands, lazy rivers and warm waters, be sure to add a fishing trip to Sihanoukville to your holiday in Cambodia.

Cambodia sports fishing in Sihanoukville is a great activity to add to your trip whether you’ve been fishing since you were a nipper or you’ve never held a fishing rod before!

Exotic reef fish or river monster? You’ll never know what to expect whilst hoisting your line on a Cambdodia sports fishing trip until you jump aboard one of the many tours on offer!


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