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Sihanoukville Activities & Town Tour

In and Around Sihanoukville

The town of Sihanoukville is a bustling area with multiple bays and beaches, and enough variety to suit just about everyone. All manner of restaurants and eateries can be found at each beach and the pristine white sand and swaying palms provide travelers with the perfect setting to stretch out and relax in the sunshine. But laying about is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re more of an intrepid traveler who is looking for some fun in the sun, there are lots of Sihanoukville activities to get into outside of town, inside town and in the water. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Sihanoukville activities that are on offer so you can make the most of your trip to this exotic paradise.

Sihanoukville Activities In the Water

  • Boats and Boards:
 If you’re ready for a day full of energetic water sports, head down to Queenco Palm Beach resort at Otres I. The resort offers an impressive array of water sports and equipment for rent. Some of these activities include kayaking, wind surfing and paddle boarding. One-, two- or three-person kayaks are available, and catamarans are also for hire.

If you’re looking for a more unique experience, Palm Beach is also home to more extreme Sihanoukville activities such as a flyboarding and even a flying boat. Flyboarding is just what it sounds like: hovering on a board high above the water. 
If you’re looking to get even higher up in the air, the flying boat is the way to go. That’s right, in a hang glider with a dingy attached to it, visitors can go soaring down the coastline and even visit one of the close-by islands. However, take note that it is a one-man trip as the boat only has space for the pilot and one passenger.
  • Kite Surfing
: Also at Otres I is the Blue Lagoon kite surfing school. Located at the very end of the row, next to the long stretch of sand between Otres I and II, the school offers lessons for beginners and intermediate surfers, and sessions for those who have already been at it for a while. Though it can be hard to catch any significant waves along most of Cambodia’s southern coastline, Otres is known for being the best place to enjoy some strong winds and gentle kite surfing.
  • Scuba and Snorkelling
: There are a number of PADI certified diving centers spread around Sihanoukville, the most notable of which is Scuba Nation, Cambodia’s first 5 star Instructor Development Center. Fully qualified PADI instructors teach courses that run just about all the time. Those who have taken a course or already have a certification can book a day or overnight trip out around the stunning islands and reefs.
Divers can also check out The Dive Shop and Eco Sea Dive, both of which offer overnight island stays and guided dives with PADI certified staff that make Sihanoukville activities like this as safe as can be.
  • Boat Trips: If snorkeling is more your cup of tea, why not try out one of the many half-day and full-day boat trips that leave daily from most of the beaches in Sihanoukville. Otres and Serendipity are popular leaving points and trips can be booked at the many travel agents along the Otres I street and with hawkers that will come to you while you’re sunbathing on the sand. Most trips include snorkeling stops at two or three locations plus lunch on a shady island.

Sihanoukville Activities On the Beach

  • Horse Riding
: Liberty Ranch offer one of the most magical of Sihanoukville activities. The ranch offers multiple types of tours that are suitable for all skill levels. One of the most popular of these is the 1.5-hour Swim With The Horses tour in which riders can enjoy the breathtaking views of Otres’ crystalline waters and white sand beach, then wander straight into the ocean to take a dip with their equestrian friends. Another popular tour is the Between Earth and Sky trip that features rides through both the emerald rice paddies of the Cambodian countryside and the calming waters lapping at the sand down at the beach. Liberty Ranch is located in Otres Village, up the road from Otres II, and provides horses and ponies that are suitable for ages 3 and up.
  • Yoga
: For some serene meditation on one of Cambodia’s beautiful beaches, visit Vagabond Temple at Independence Beach. Though technically a retreat center, the temple offers full day yoga and meditation courses that include three vegan meals.

Sihanoukville Activities Out of Town

  • Dirt Bike Tours: Stray Dog Adventures is one of Cambodia’s most popular dirt bike tour providers. Tours cater to all skill levels and include protective gear, quality dirt bikes and professional guides. Stray Dog Adventures has three tours on offer:
 1. Sihanoukville Bay Ride (1 day)- Running daily from Monday to Friday
 2. Explore Sihanoukville (2 days with a night in Ream National Park)- Sat/Sun
 3. South Coast (3 days exploring Cambodia’s sprawling coastline)- Tuesdays.
  • Ream National Park
: A trip to Ream National Park is a great way to take a break from the more active Sihanoukville activities and enjoy the beauties of the natural world. The park is best know for its mangrove forests, tiered waterfalls and wild bird species. The towering 14-foot waterfalls drop straight into green jungle. Visitors are welcome to take a dip in the cool waters, have a spot of lunch provided by one of the many vendors nearby, and then relax even more in a gently swinging hammock.
You can hire a car, scooter or dirt bike to get to Ream, but be aware that the road is rough and dusty in parts and it is advisable to book a trip in a van if you’re not a confident rider or driver. Cool Banana Travel on Serendipity Road offers day trip to the park.
  • Ropes Course and Zip Line: 
One of the best Sihanoukville activities, High Point is indeed out of town, but you’ll need a boat to get there. Located in the lush forested island of Koh Rong, High Point is a ropes course spread through the tree tops that features numerous platforms, obstacles and an adrenaline-filled zip line whipping down through the jungle.

Sihanoukville Activities In Town

  • Bicycle or Moto Ride: 
Wherever you’re staying in Sihanoukville, you’re not likely to be very far from somewhere that has bicycles and scooters (or ‘motos’) for rent. Travel agents and even many hotels and guesthouses have bikes available to rent for a single day or multiple days. Sihanoukville is not vast but it is big enough that you can have plenty of fun exploring by bicycle. Go on a ride along the coastal road past the Sihanoukville Port and Sohka Beach Resort, or scoot over to Otres Village via the Otres beaches and stop for a cooling drink at one of the many beachfront bars along the way. Of course, don’t forget to wear a helmet and sunscreen, and drink plenty of water as with all active Sihanoukville activities.
  • Explore the Cafes and Restaurants
: One great thing about the busy Sihanoukville activities is that when they are over and you need a rest, there are multitudes of interesting bars and eateries to check out. If you’re hankering for a sandwich or a tasty cake accompanied by a great tasting cup o’ joe, try out The Starfish Bakery and Cafe downtown. Starfish has a fantastic menu that includes fajita wraps, fresh fruit smoothies, mezze plates and freshly baked bread. The Gypsies is another popular little place with a mixed European menu that features sandwiches, curries, salads and much more. The staff are friendly and will happily spent a little time chatting with you when they’re not busy.

If you like bars and live music, don’t miss out on a trip to The Led Zephyr. Equipped with a rockin’ guitar shaped bar and live music almost every night of the week, the Led Zephyr offers great deals on drinks and snacks. If you enjoy nothing better than a colorful cocktail, check out Maybe Later on Serendipity Road, where mixologists shake up fancy drinks. Maybe Later is also Sihanoukville’s most popular Mexican taqueria with a menu that includes burritos, nachos, enchaladas and many other favorite Mexican dishes. All of these places make for nice breaks after your more taxing Sihanoukville activities.

No matter what you’re “thing” is, Sihanoukville activities offer something for everyone, from the chilled out backpacker to the extreme adventurer, with a host of bars and restaurants to suit all budgets. Once you feel ready to move on with your travels, the