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Why the Sun Motor Yacht is the Best Day Out in Sihanoukville

Southeast Asia is one of the best vacation choices for island lovers, because the landscape is full of habited and uninhabited islands and islets. Cambodia is no exception for natural beauty, with the South coast of the country being the perfect paradise hot spot. Here, tourists can uncover Mother Nature on 61 islands, all of which have a tropical vibe. It is only over the last few years that Cambodia has gained its deserved attention for being somewhat of a sun-lover’s paradise, so why not find out what all of the fuss is about by checking out the surrounding landscape via the Sun Motor Yacht?

  • What is the Sun Motor Yacht?

Described as an ‘unforgettable day out’, the Sun Motor Yacht provides people just like you with an opportunity to set sail along the Cambodian waters, which are greeted by the Gulf of Thailand’s turquoise waves. Whether you are situated in a coastal area like Kep or Sihanoukville, you won’t have trouble visiting the country’s best kept secrets, such as KohRussei, KohDekKoul and Koh Kong. Seafood lunches and sunset views can be enjoyed when you embark on a day out aboard this vessel, which tends to get fully booked every time it leaves the pier! The trip begins in the morning and concludes at 5:00 pm, when you will be taken back to the port at Sihanoukville.

Included in the trip are a number of things, making the Sun Motor Yacht excellent value for money and an experience that every age will relish. Snacks and drinks will be served throughout the day, such as water, tea, coffee and sweet cakes. After feasting on nibbles and gliding across the waves, an Asian buffet lunch will be dished up. Prepared by an experienced chef who boasts adequate cooking training, the all-you-can eat buffet will include an assortment of traditional Khmer dishes, such as Fish Amok, with fish sourced directly from the sea you float on. Wash it down with a drink from the fully-stocked bar. Once you’ve sweated it out under the sun, the western-style showers will be available to use.

  • The Benefits of This Experience

Aside from filling your lungs with a healthy dose of fresh sea air, there are multifarious other reasons why you may want to put your name down on the list for the Sun Motor Yacht. Once you make a booking, you can prepare for a day of indulgence, without worrying about a high calorie and fat intake. How, you ask? Well, a lot of seafood will be served at the Asian buffet, so you can treat your body to a lot of omega-3 and various other nutrients.In addition to this, sailing is proven to stimulate the senses and relieve feelings of anxiety. Sunshine is also a mood-enhancer, with vitamin D from the sun’s rays banishing depression and encouraging the release of endorphins.

A social experience, the Sun Motor Yacht provides independent travellers with an opportunity to unleash their inner social butterfly and forge new friendships. It doesn’t matter if you are a young backpacker or an older retiree, because the age group that hop aboard the yacht is diverse, to say the least. Tour guides will be able to provide valuable information about the surrounding islands, their history, the wildlife that inhabits them and the various activities that people can experience on and around them. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also be presented with an invitation to go snorkelling, kayaking and even diving beneath the waters, where rich marine life can be found. Forget about spending extra dollars on renting equipment, because this is included in the price. Furthermore, you will be able to catch your own dinner by using the provided fishing rods and reels.

  • Items to Pack for the Sun Motor Yacht

Although a lot of things are included in the price of the experience, it is still wise to prepare by packing a few bits and bobs. For example, the sun can get pretty strong during the hours of 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, so waterproof SPF lotion will come in handy. Wear (or pack) a swimming costume, because you never know when you might be diving into the water from the deck of the boat! A camera is a must-bring item for capturing sweeping ocean views and the ruby red sunset.

You can reserve your space for the Sun Motor Yacht online or alternatively, get in touch with the owners of the accommodation you choose to stay at in Cambodia. The owners should be able to organise the tour on your behalf, with transport picking you up from your location thrown in for no extra charge. The total fee is just $25 per person and all ages (so long as no one struggles with sea sickness) are invited to join in with the island-hopping fun.

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