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Cambodia Islands – Some of the World’s Most Beautiful

Everyone’s dream holiday is a trip to some exotic island paradise with swaying palms and crystal clear waters. That’s why Cambodia’s Islands are the best places to visit in the world.

cambodia-islandsOff the South coast of Cambodia, islands big and small dot the waters. Some are popular tourist destinations while others remain almost untouched by modern civilization, but all hold their own stunning landscapes from dense jungle to wide white-sand beaches to coral reefs teeming with fish. Here is a rundown of some of the best of Cambodia islands and what incredible things they have to offer.

The Islands

Koh Rong
Certainly one of the most beautiful places in the whole Gulf of Siam, Koh Rong is the complete tropical island package. Visitors can bask in the sun on perfect white sand, dip their toes in the turquoise waters or take a hike through the mysterious jungle. Motorbikes and mountain bikes are available for hire to explore the scenery and kayaks can be rented for as cheap as $10 for 3 hours.

Snorkeling is a popular attraction on the island, where you can see shoals of diamond fish, goat fish and yellow box fish. Seahorses can also be spotted dancing amongst the coral reefs.
Though still fairly undeveloped, the island has more recently become home to several low-budget bungalows and bars, making it the backpacker’s paradise.

Koh Rong is also known to be the best of Cambodia islands for partying deep into the nights. Thanks to foreigners bringing over generators and cheap booze, the music keeps pumping and drinks flowing until almost morning.

Koh Tang
Koh Tang is the ultimate destination, amongst Cambodia’s islands, for scuba divers and snorkelers. The sight of the last battle of the Vietnam War, Koh Tang’s waters are home to a bright and beautiful variety of sea-life. Stingrays, puffer-fish, large fish such as cobias and sail fish, and stunning nudibranches dwell in coral gardens and in the deeper water. Despite being badly damaged during the war, Koh Tang’s coral gardens are blooming with live in abundance and its clear blue waters provide perfect visibility.

Koh Totang
Stepping off the boat onto the wooden-plank walkway is walking straight into the wilderness of Cambodia islands. Koh Totang, home of Nomads Land beach bungalows, is a small but vibrant island. With only one guesthouse on the entire island, you can be sure your stay will be a peaceful one. Toucans, iguanas and butterflies populate the forested island and much more can be seen under the water. The coral reefs are inhabited by clown fish, parrot fish and bat rays.

Koh Thmei
A true escape from reality, even the journey to Koh Thmei is one filled with magic. The boat from Koh Chang fishing village takes visitors through the shadowy mangroves and then out onto the open water where eagles can be seen soaring above. Upon arriving on the island, guests are greeted warmly by the German owners of Koh Thmei’s only accommodation, the Koh Thmei Resort, and shown to their individual bungalows complete with hanging seashells and swinging hammocks on the balcony, beautifully clean rooms and delightful sea views.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Koh Thmei is the ultimate destination for wildlife lovers, boasting over 150 species of birds, civets, monkeys, sambar deer and even the threatened fishing cat—a wetland feline that inhabits mangroves. Dolphins can also sometimes be seen along the coast.

Though cellphones do work on the island, there is no Wi-Fi available, which means a trip to Koh Thmei is a real getaway and the perfect place to forget the troubles of the world.

Song Saa Island
Though wilderness and secluded beach islands are ideal for some people, Cambodia islands cater to a wide variety of tourist, including those seeking to indulge in some personal pampering.
Floating on sapphire waters is the Song Saa Resort, a private island resort comprised of 27 villas commanding stunning ocean views and providing the absolute quintessence of tropical luxury.

Three types of villas are available, each with its own private infinity pool, in-house cinema and outdoor deck seating area. The rooms are lavishly decorated in exotic colors and give off the feeling of utter relaxation.

Included in the price of stay is a sunrise yoga class, snorkeling trips, kayaking and even adventurous trips to the connected neighboring island to interact with the wildlife and natural beauty of the place.

Koh Rong Samloam
Not to be confused with its sister island, Koh Rong, the picture-perfect Koh Rong Samloam (also known as Sanloem or Sanloam) is one of the most easily accessible islands and has been an absolute favorite especially among expats living in Cambodia, looking for a respite from the hot and hectic city life. Those images that come to mind, of pristine white sandy beaches and clear waters, are what Koh Rong Samloam embodies, and despite its popularity, the island maintains a clean and peaceful atmosphere.

There are two main bays, Saracen Bay—a developing area with beach bungalow accommodation—and Mpay Bay. Kayaking, mountain biking and jungle trekking are popular on the island, though nothing is quite so popular as simply laying back on the soft white sand or taking a dip in the crystalline sea.

To add a little touch for nature lovers and conservationists, Koh Rong Samloam is also host to Marine Conservation Cambodia where two seahorse breeding grounds have been established in the sea-grass meadows around the island.

Something for All on Cambodia Islands

To summarize, Cambodia islands are the most beautiful in the world because nowhere holds such natural splendor and so much variety quite like them. There truly is something for everyone on Cambodia’s islands: from the exotic bird-watcher, to the energetic mountain-biker, to the lazy beach-lounger, to the high-class world traveler. Accommodation ranges from low-end to luxury and there are endless activities for those looking for fun. Snorkeling is fantastic, wildlife is diverse and relaxation optimal. If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, book some quality time on the gorgeous Cambodia islands.

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